hawaii airfare sales

Hawaii Airfare Sales

I am a travel agent and I specialize in Hawaii trips.  I also like to save you money on your Hawaii airfare.  So I try to keep this section up to date with the best Hawaii airfare sales.  Airfares are subject to change at any time and may not include all taxes.

hawaii airfare sales

Click on any fares below for more details. They are all round-trip prices. It doesn’t cost you any more by going through our affiliate link. The searches below are set to search for 2 people.

Albuquerque to Honolulu from $577 Nov 9-16

Baltimore to Honolulu from $601 Nov 11-18

Boston to Honolulu – from $600 roundtrip – Sample dates Oct 20-27.

Chicago to Honolulu from $488 round-trip – Nov 2 – 9

Chicago to Maui from $529 Nov 10-17

Dallas to Maui from $612 Nov 11-18

Denver to Honolulu from $488 Nov 10-17

Denver to Maui from $529 Nov 5-12

Des Moines to Honolulu from $642 Oct 28- Nov 4

Des Moines to Maui from $647 Nov 10-17

Detroit to Honolulu from $627 Nov 9-16

Houston to Honolulu from $488 Nov 10-17

Kansas City to Honolulu from $609 Nov 2-9 

Kansas City to Maui from $639 Nov 2-9

Las Vegas to Maui from $513 Nov 3-10

Manchester to Maui from $687 Nov 4-11

Manchester to Honolulu from $709 Oct 27 – Nov 3

Minneapolis to Maui from $556 Oct 29- Nov 5

Nashville to Maui from $653 Nov 2-9

Oklahoma City to Honolulu from $603 Oct 28 – Nov 4

Omaha to Honolulu from $599 Nov 9-16

Philadelphia to Honolulu from $568  Oct 27 – Nov 3

Phoenix to Honolulu from $471 Dec 1 – Dec 8

Phoenix to Maui from $520 Nov 27- Dec 4

Portland to Honolulu for $398 Nov 2-9

San Diego to Honolulu from $418 Dec 2- 9 

San Diego to Kauai from $430 – Nov 26 – Dec 3

San Diego to Maui from $438 Nov 3 – 10

Salt Lake City to Kona from $528. Nov 5 – 12

Seattle to Honolulu from $398 Oct 22-29

Seattle to Maui from $398 Nov 10-17

St. Louis to Honolulu from $488 Nov 10-17

I would love to help you create an amazing Hawaii vacation.  Whether you book your own airfare, or I do it as part of a package, I’m happy to work with you either way. Give me a chance to find you a great deal, sometimes the vacation packages have better airfare than I’ve listed above. I am honest and will give you the best deal.  I can also just book your hotel if you desire and. I have had extensive training as a Hawaii travel specialist.

Email me at Krista@TheHawaiianHome.com  or give me a call at 435-709-8656

If you are wanting to book a complete package, you may want to check my booking engine here and see if the complete package is a better deal.

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