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    Volcanic Fire Pits

    I have updated this post with volcanic fire pits as so many people are wanting more options in tropical fire fits.

    Here is some design inspiration.
    volcanic fire pit

    {Volcanic Fire Pit}  – so awesome!

    lava pit fire

    {Lava Pit Fire} – might be a little to messy for the yard

    tropical fire pit

    {Tropical Fire Pit} – so beautiful

    tiki fire pit

    Tiki Fire Pit – so cool, but can’t find the original link of who made this.

    Here is a DIY option.

    Here are some tropical style fire pits you can purchase.  They are affiliate links – so we may earn a small commission if you purchase them. Which one is your favorite?

    I would like to know your thoughts – is there a particular style you wish was made.