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    Indoor/Outdoor Flip Flops Pillow

    Hawaiian style decor is so much fun! I love to find new products.  Today’s find just makes me smile.  How cute is this indoor/outdoor flip flops pillow?  Flip flops aka slippahs are such a simple design, but everyone loves them! You may also like these fun pillows.

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    Hawaiian Furnishings

    9 Slippahs Pillows

    It’s that time of year when I get anxious to change my living room. The easiest way I know to change the feel to a room, is by changing up the throw pillows.  It give me an instant pick me up, yet is much less expensive than buying a new piece of furniture.  I’m really thinking about adding one of these Slippahs pillows.  My budget can only afford one right now. Which one do you love?   Green Flip Flops Pillow.  Wipe Your Flip Flops.   Colorful Flip Flops Pillow. Flip Flops Shaped Pillow. Hawaiian Pillow. Photo Pillow. Beach Scene. Life is Better in Flip Flops. Slippahs Shaped Pillow. You may also want to look at these…