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    Top 10 Places to Snorkel in Hawaii

    Love snorkeling? Love Hawaii? Some of the best snorkeling beaches are located in the beautiful state of Hawaii, where clear and warm tropical waters are abundant. While there are snorkeling tours you can choose to be a part of, most people tend to go snorkeling on their own, which can make for some of the most fun and exciting snorkeling adventures. Snorkeling in Hawaii offers snorkelers close up views of some of the most gorgeous coral reefs and interesting marine life, making visiting Hawaii a must for any snorkeler, beginner or experienced.

    The following locations are the top 10 places to snorkel in Hawaii.

    1. Hanauma Bay, Oahu. Hanauma Bay is the #1 place people choose to snorkel when in Hawaii. This underwater snorkeling park is very popular amongst seasoned snorkelers as there are more than 400 different kinds of Hawaiian fish species to see.
      hanauma bay hawaii
    2. Shark’s Cove, Oahu. The shallow water areas offer plenty of exploring opportunities making it a family-friendly snorkeling adventure. Scuba Diving Magazine named Sharks Cove one of the top 12 shore dives in the world. More rocks than reefs in this popular snorkeling location.
      shark's cove oahu


    1. Tunnels Beach, Kauai. This ultimate snorkeling beach is also popular amongst scuba divers and is surrounded by sandy beaches, lush forests and underwater cavers. All family members would enjoy spending the day at Tunnels Beach
      tunnels beach kauai


    1. Honolua Bay, Maui. This popular snorkeling location is part of the Marine Life Conservation District and surrounded by high cliffs which makes for calm waters. When exploring the coral reefs in Honolulu Bay snorkelers can see a wide variety of reef fish.


    1. Hulopoe Bay, Lanai. Lanai’s most popular snorkeling beach offers crystal clear blue waters that make it easy to see all the gorgeous marine life living in the reefs. Hulopoe Bay is part Marine Life Conservation District making it a protective marine preserve.


    1. Molokini Crater, Maui. Volcanic eruption created this perfect snorkeling location that offers should bring clear visibility and nearly 300 different kinds of marine life species. Scuba diving is also a popular pastime at the Molokini Crater in Maui.
      molokini crater snorkeling


    1. Makaha Beach Park Oahu’s. Located on Oahu’s west coast, the see-through blue waters make this Hawaiian beach a favorite amongst both new and seasoned snorkelers. Summer snorkeling is more common due to calmer waters. Dolphins can often be seen from the shore.

    1. Kealakekua Bay, Big Island. Part of Marine Life Conservation District this snorkeling beach offers snorkelers a full day of reef exploration in gorgeous clear blue waters. Lots of tropical fish can be seen here as well as dolphins swimming out in the bay area.
      kealakekua bay snorkeling


    1. Ke’e Beach Park, Kauai. Located on Kauai’s north shore, lots of snorkeling adventures are to be had here, especially during the summertime when waters are calmer. Beginner snorkeler will especially love this spot as a wide variety of fish as well as green sea turtles are often seen here.
      Ke'e Beach park snorkeling Kauai


    1. Kapalua Bay, Maui. This small snorkeling bay offers calm waters and has two reefs on each side, making it the perfect snorkeling location for people of all ages. Lots of marine life to be seen here, including a wide variety of fishes. i.e. butterfly fishes, parent fishes, porcupine fishes.
      Kapalua Bay Maui snorkeling

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