Pirette Surfer Girl Perfume
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Surfer Girl Perfume

I have terrible sensitivities to perfumes and strong smells. In fact, I often get migraines when I am around perfumes – it’s a serious problem.

I subscribe to a Beachly – a subscription box (save 25% if you want to try it through my link) filled with all kinds of wonderful tropical items. Inside was a fragrance oil by Pirette. I thought for sure I’d have to give it away.

But, I was so happy try it out and the smell is heavenly. I don’t know how to describe it – sort of coconuty and reminds me of all the good things about the beach. I love it! I’ve been wearing it daily ever since and will be buying more when it runs out. It doesn’t give me headaches or make me sneeze. If you want to try it, it’s sold here at Amazon (affiliate).