Hawaiian Bedroom Decor

Personal Shopping: Blue with Yellow Tropical Bedding

I received a request for help in trying to find a bedding set that the customer had ordered but the store cancelled production.  I have not been successful in finding the exact replacement.  He is trying to match existing decor in the room that is blue with yellow.  Here are some similar color bedding sets in queen size:

blue and yellow surfer bedding

Blue and Yellow Surfer Bedding

tropical lily bedding

Lily Bedding

blue and yellow bedding

Blue and Yellow Stripes

blue shells bedding

Blue Shells Bedding

modern blue and yellow bedding

Nautica Clean Style

dean miller hawaiian bedding

Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding

blue fish bedding

Pretty Journey Bedding

tropical fish bedding

Tropical Fish Bedding

surfer bedding with yellow and blue

Surfer’s Bay

blue and yellow floral quilt

Floral Quilt

tropical blue and yellow patchwork quilt

Patchwork Quilt

lost at sea bedding

Lost at Sea Bedding

I hope I’ve helped you find a bedding set that you’ll love.  Have a great day and happy shopping!

owner the hawaiian home