honu bathroom inspiration
Hawaiian Bathroom Decor

Honu Bathroom Inspiration

The first time we visited Hawaii, we went snorkeling in Maui.  My husband was enjoying his snorkeling when all of the sudden a huge honu swam right up to him and from the side and shoved him through the water with a lot of force. This was his first experience with a sea turtle, it was a little bit terrifying! He was in awe, and very alert at this time. A few seconds later another snorkeler grabbed his foot and hubby came up swinging thinking it was a shark.  The poor guy that grabbed his foot, narrowly missed getting punched and swam away quickly.  He thought hubby was someone else and wanted to show him the turtle.  We have laughed about that encounter many times. We have grown to appreciate the honus and all of their beauty. So today’s inspiration is a honu bathroom:

honu bathroom inspiration

Fiji Bathroom Light.  Honu Shower Curtain made of fabric and designed by an Hawaiian artist.

Honu Wood Wall Hanging.   Green Towels.   Bamboo Bath Accessories.

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