hawaiian wrapping paper
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Hawaiian Wrapping Paper

I love to make my gifts look unique. Lately I’ve come across several Hawaiian wrapping paper styles that I love. And of course, I have to share them with you as I’m just that kind of friend.  Which style is your favorite? I’m going with the first one as it’s so vibrant and beautiful!

hawaiian wrapping paper

 Hawaiian Wrapping Paper

tropical gift wrapping

 Lei Gift Wrapping Paper

nautical wrapping paper

 Nautical Wrapping Paper

midori wrapping paper

Midori Wrapping Paper

pineapple hawaiian wrapping paper

Pink Pineapple Hawaiian Wrapping Paper

yellow pineapple wrapping paper

Yellow Pineapple Wrapping Paper

hibiscus wrapping paper

Hibiscus Wrapping Paper

diamond head wrapping paper

Diamond Head Wrapping Paper

palm tree wrapping paper

Palm Tree Wrapping Paper

red hibiscus wrapping paper

Red Hibiscus Wrapping Paper

bamboo tropical wrapping paper

Bamboo Tropical Wrapping Paper

plumeria hawaiian gift wrapping paper

Plumeria Hawaiian Gift Wrap

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