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Honu Rug

Could anything be cuter than this honu rug? I think not! This fun turtle shaped rug in a green color also has a hibiscus design in the center. Would look cool placed on the floor by the side of your bed.

green honu rug


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Aqua Coral Print Rug

This aqua coral print rug will brighten up your room this Spring. This is one of my favorite colors  as it reminds me of beach foam when the sun shines through it.  Choose from five different sizes.
aqua coral print rug

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Honu Rugs Roundup

I love these fun honu rugs. I can see the one below in a child’s room, a bathroom or a kitchen.  One of my best days in Hawaii was when I was snorkeling and a large sea turtle swam along side of me.  What an amazing moment!
honu rug

Honu Rug

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Palm Leaves Rug

How can you not love this palm leaves rug?  The neutral colors go with just about everything.  Choose from various sizes and even up to a full size room size.
palm leaves rug

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Indoor/Outdoor Tropical Floral Rugs

Choose from brown or blue in these indoor/outdoor tropical floral rugs.  They are made of waterproof and UV protected fibers – so this works well in beach homes. Available in many sizes.  I love this look!
indoor/doutdoor tropical floral rug


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Indoor/Outdoor Floral & Pineapple Rug

Today’s find is this indoor/outdoor floral and pineapple rug.  The pineapples are more subtle than similar rugs. I love the colors in this rug – perfectly Hawaiian style!
indoor outdoor floral pineapple rug

 By the way, if you ever need help finding something tropical for you Hawaiian home, just send me an email.

I offer free personal shopping and it’s enjoyable for me.

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