Hawaiian Print Maxi Dress

This Hawaiian print maxi dress is perfect for wearing on vacation or at home. Isn’t it gorgeous? For cooler weather layer a cardigan over the top.

hawaiian print maxi dress

Hawaiian Style Back to School Shopping

I’m in thick of back to school shopping for my family. We like to incorporate Hawaiian style into our clothes and accessories. Just keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way. Check out these fun items:

Plumeria Sandals

There’s still plenty of time to wear sandals.  I’m loving these plumeria sandals by Tommy Bahama.

plumeria sandals

Tiki Tuesday: Tiki Mouse Ears

I thought I’d start a new series. Every Tuesday I will be showing you tiki items I love.  Today’s find is Tiki mouse ears.  You can show off your favorite mouse ears when you visit Aulani or any other Disney park.

Banana Leaf Heels

Oh my goodness, I’m coveting these Dolce & Gabbana banana leaf heels! Aren’t they fabulous? Wish I had unlimited funds.

banana leaf heels

Aloha Tank Tops

Pick your favorite Aloha tank top. They are printed with glittery gold.   Choose from “Aloha Beaches” or “Beach Please“.

aloha tank tops