Tropical Rainforest Rug

I’m shopping for tropical rugs again.  This tropical rainforest rug is a contender for my living room.

tropical rainforest rug

Do you like it?   I’m a fan of the large prints and the neutral colors would look beautiful in my home.

Banana Leaf Print Curtains

Ready to freshen up your living room?  These banana leaf print curtains can give you the pop of color you crave. They are custom made and you can get them lined in various type of fabrics and colors.

banana leaf print curtains

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Bamboo Silverware

I’m really liking the look of this bamboo silverware. It’s got an Asian influence and looks tropical without being over the top themey.  It’s a classic look that will never grow old.
bamboo silverware

Here another option at a lower price point.

Wicker Pineapple Lamp

I love the unique look of this wicker pineapple lamp. It exudes Hawaiian style.  I want it for my office!

wicker pineapple lamp

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Hawaiian Print Bean Bag

One of my favorite sellers on Etsy is Paniolo. They have lots of Hawaiian style items. Today’s find is this Hawaiian print bean bag.

hawaiian print bean bag

Hand Painted Surfboard Chair

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a one of a kind piece such as this hand painted surfboard chair?  What a fun piece. I could see it displayed in your living room or even in a teen’s bedroom.
hand painted surfboard chair

Here’s some similar styles that you may like: