Pineapple Quilts for Your Hawaiian Bedroom

As you can see on this site, I can’t get enough of pineapple decor!  They are so cheerful and tropical and pineapple just make me happy!  Today’s roundup is of pineapple quilts and bedding.

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yellow pineapple beddingPineapple Duvet

pineapple quilt

Pineapple Quilt

hawaiian pineapple quiltPineapple Quilts


colorful pineapple quiltColorful Pineapple Duvet


pink pineapple comforterPink Pineapple Comforter


graphic print pineapple comforterGraphic Print


be a pineapple blanketBe a Pineapple Blanket


large print pineapple bedding

Large Print Pineapples Duvet


child's pineapple beddingChild’s Bedding (3 colors)


blue pineapple bedding
Blue Pineapple Bedding


embossed pineapple beddingEmbossed Pineapple Bedding

You may also like this pineapple rug or pineapple pillows.

owner the hawaiian home

Tommy Bahama Green Palm Tree Quilt

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Looking for Hawaiian quilts?  Here’s another fun style to consider.  This Tommy Bahama green palm tree quilt in soft tones with tropical florals and is machine washable.

tommy bahama green palm tree quilt

Hawaiian Plantation Bedding

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Today’s find is this stylish Hawaiian plantation bedding.  It has a subtle grey colored toile pattern fashioned with pineapples and birds.  Don’t forget the accessories too.  Purchase here from Boscovs.

hawaiian plantation bedding


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Botanical Pillows

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Looking for some gorgeous botanical pillows?  You have to check out these creations by Kona artist – Andrea Pro.  They are gorgeous!


andrea pro beautiful botanical floral pillows

Andrea Pro offers fine art and botanical pillows.  Shop here. 


What drives the artist?

“My art is about conveying the essence of Hawaii that often goes unnoticed. Amid the bright plumeria, ginger and plethora of imported plants, the more modest ‘ohi’a, wiliwili and koa don’t always command admiration. Native birds, like the ‘i’iwi and apapane are often out of sight in their shrinking territories higher on the mountain, and hence, out of mind. It’s my passion and  job description to notice, learn and share about  these important species. I work with botanists and conservation organizations to educate people through my art and to raise funds for these endangered species.

I instantly knew I found my calling in life when I took a woodcut printmaking class 20 years ago. Over time, my passion for printmaking and my dedication to the environment came together as a way to express the beauty of Hawaii.”

Hawaiian throw pillows

Support  a Hawaiian artist.  Check out the Andrea Pro gallery here.


This blog post was sponsored by Andrea Pro and we are proud to feature her on our site.

Tropical Leaves Duvet Cover

This tropical leaves duvet cover by Urban Outfitters will look beautiful in both traditional and modern style homes.  It comes in twin – king sizes.  The look brings the outdoors in.


tropical leaves comforter

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Modern Palm Tree Comforter

Looking for a modern palm tree comforter?  This fresh style works for a modern beach home or loft.

modern palm tree comforter

Don’t you love the large leaf print?  The bold print feels sophisticated and clean.

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