Hibiscus Theme Bedroom

Ready for a fresh update? I’ve created a fun hibiscus theme bedroom for you.  I love the large print on the hibiscus duvet cover.  The simple pairing of green and white creates a calm oasis.

hibiscus theme bedroom

Hibiscus Art Print.   Hibiscus Duvet Cover.  Green LampHibiscus Poof. White Shag Rug

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Hawaiian Checks

It’s time for me to order checks again. I always get Hawaiian checks.  Last time I ordered flip flops. This time I’m kind of loving these palm tree checks.  The great thing about ordering checks online is that they are much cheaper than getting them at my local bank.

palm tree checks

Here’s a roundup of some Hawaiian style checks I love:

owner the hawaiian home

Blue Hibiscus Bedding

I received a call from a client wanting a Hawaiian bedding set we previously featured on our site. Unfortunately it was sold out.  So today’s post is a roundup of similar choices in blue hibiscus bedding sets.


hawaiian blue hibiscus bedding

Blue Hawaiian Hibiscus Bedding

pastel blue hawaiian bedding

Pastel Blue Hawaiian Bedding

hawaiian blue bedding

Hawaiian Bedding

turquoise hawaiian bedding

Turquoise Hawaiian Bedding

graphic print hibiscus bedding

Large Print Hibiscus Bedding



I hope you like one of these choices. View more Hawaiian bedding choices here.

owner the hawaiian home

Tropical Maxi Dresses

Ready for some new tropical maxi dresses for Spring?  If so, check out today’s roundup:

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Tropical Rainforest Rug

I’m shopping for tropical rugs again.  This tropical rainforest rug is a contender for my living room.

tropical rainforest rug

Do you like it?   I’m a fan of the large prints and the neutral colors would look beautiful in my home.

Lanikai Beach Hawaiian Shower Curtain

Give your bathroom a fresh update with this Lanikai Beach Hawaiian shower curtain.  It’s available in 2 different lengths. Sold at Amazon.

lanikai beach hawaiian shower curtain

View more Hawaiian bathroom items.