Banana Leaf Print Curtains

Ready to freshen up your living room?  These banana leaf print curtains can give you the pop of color you crave. They are custom made and you can get them lined in various type of fabrics and colors.

banana leaf print curtains

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Funny Pineapple Pillow

This pineapple pillow is just too cool! When you’re future’s so bright….

funny pineapple pillow

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You Had Me at Aloha

This sign speaks the truth.  “You had me at Aloha”  Made of re-purposed barnwood and finished off with a starfish.  What a fun way to show your Aloha Spirit!  Purchase from Etsy.

you had me at aloha sign



Outrigger Waikiki Oahu Winter Promotion

If you’re heading to Oahu, Hawaii soon, we’ve got a great 5 night promotion for Outrigger Waikiki Resorts.

Package includes:

  • 5 night resort stay
  • Lei Greeting
  • Round-trip Airfare Transfers
  • Arizona Memorial Honolulu City Tour for 2 or 4 people
  • All applicable taxes

Participating Waikiki Resorts

Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

Travel 2/20-60/30/17 and 9/1 – 12/21/7.  Staying in an ocean view room Rates from $1091 per person double occupancy.
Travel 7/1 – 8/31/17 – Staying in an ocean view room. Rates from $1219 per person double occupancy.

Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort

outrigger waikiki beach resort

Travel 2/20 -5/31/17 & 8/12 – 12/21/17. Staying in a partial ocean view room – from $1036 per person, double occupancy.
Travel 6/1 – 8/11/17 – From $1139 per person, double occupancy.

Embassy Suites Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk

embassy suites hotel waikiki beach walk

Travel 4/1 – 5/24/17 and 9/24 – 12/21/17 staying in a Waikiki view room. Rates from $516 per person double occupancy.
Travel 5/25- 9/23/17 – rates from $593 per person, double occupancy.

Ohana Waikiki East by Outrigger

oahana waikiki east

Travel 4/1 – 5/24/17 & 9/24 – 12/21/17. Staying in a Waikiki View Room from $516 per person double occupancy.
Travel 5/25 – 9/23/17 – Rates from $594 per person, double occupancy.

Holiday Inn Resort Waikiki Beachcomer

holiday inn resort waikiki beachcomer

Travel 4/1 – 6/30/17 & 10/1-12/21/17. Staying in a junior suite -From $531 per person quad occupancy.
Travel 7/1 – 9/30/17 staying in a junior suite From $558 per person quad occupancy.

Ohana Waikiki Malia by Outrigger

ohana waikiki malia
Travel 4/1 – 5/24/17 & 9/24 – 12/21/17  -Staying in a Waikiki View room From $516 per person, double occupancy.
Travel 5/26 – 9/23/1. Staying in a Waikiki View room – from $593 per person double occupancy.

The Fine Print

If you want to book, you must purchase by 3/31/17.  Airfare is not included. Package is for instant-purchase and is non-refundable. Does not include any applicable resort fees.

Ready to Book?

Call to Book 877-34-TRIPS or email –   In order you book, you will need to fill out our secure, online booking form.

Coastal Duvet

Soft and so pretty – this coastal duvet will you have dreamy of beautiful sunset and walks along the beach. Purchase here at Pottery Barn.

coastal duvet

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Save Money on Hawaii Trips by Using a Travel Agent

It’s a new year and many have you have a goal to get back to Hawaii this year.  It’s no secret that I’m a travel agent.  I live and breathe for travel and Hawaii is my passion.  Did you know that you can save money on Hawaii trips by using a travel agent?

save money on hawaii travel

With this age of searching online, you may think you know all of the tricks, but I’m here to tell you otherwise.  By using a trusted travel agent, these are some ways we can save you money and how we work.

Some travel agents charge a planning service fee. I don’t charge a service fee if I am making a commission on the products I sell you.  So if it’s just flights you are wanting, yes I will charge you a small fee, but if the flights are combined with anything else, my services are free.

  • Did you know that often you can save money on your flights if I book your flights with a rental car?  Yesterday I booked 5 people from Salt Lake City to Honolulu. They only needed flights as they had booked a cruise themselves. But they were spending 3 days prior to the cruise with family in Oahu.  I added a minivan for the 3 days prior to the cruise and saved them over $300 even with the car added.  How is this done?  I packaged the airfare with a car and then was able to get them “bulk airfare” – which is usually discounted airfare when combined as a package.  This works on many flight/car combos around the world – not just on flights to Hawaii. Many of my clients don’t even pick up the rental. When I add a few nights of hotel or a few days of car rental with the flights, this is what constitutes a package.
  • Travel agents have multiple suppliers to draw upon.  Since we have many suppliers, we also have access to special coupons and promotions that you don’t know about.  I keep a list so the current specials and compare prices when quoting my clients a package to make sure I’m getting them the best value.
  • Travel agents are your advocate.  What does this mean for you?  It means that if you have any issues while traveling we become your advocate and do our best to resolve any issues.
  • Travel agents have good relationships with suppliers.  This helps you out in that sometimes we can get little extras for our clients that you can’t get on your own.

Ready to travel?  Call your favorite travel agent and see if they can help you.

If you’d like a free quote from me, please fill out this contact form. You can also call me at 877-34-TRIPS  or email