The Top Beaches in Northern Kauai

Why visit the beaches in Northern Kauai? The incredibly clear waters, the rocky yet lush green mountains, the many seaside cliffs and the many miles of shoreline that offer plenty of inlets and private coves to explore make this vacation destination one that is simply irresistible. Because the beaches in Northern Kauai are so spectacular many vacationers tend to spend weeks instead of days at this island getaway. There are plenty of beach-side accommodations, including gorgeous cottages that truly make for a private and fun island getaway vacation. Let’s explore the top beaches in Northern Kauai.

the top beaches of northern kauai

Northern Kauai is simply home to some of the most spectacular beaches in all the world!

Top Beaches in Northern Kauai

The following top beaches in Northern Kauai are listed in order, with the first 7 beaches being the most popular beaches. Because beaches in Northern Kauai tend to be calmer in the summer months, those who love to participate in water activities, like swimming, surfing, boating, etc. should make plans to vacation in Northern Kauai in the summertime.

  1. Hanalei Beach Park Pavilion. This top sandy beach is a favorite because the large sandy beach area is perfect for those who are simply looking for a relaxing day at the beach. Building sand castles and going for long walks are also a favorite pastime on this popular Northern Kauai beach.
  2. Waioli Beach Park. Also called Pine Trees Beach, this beach is perfect for those who love to play sports, like volleyball. Swimming is not recommended at this beach.
  3. Anini Beach. The perfect beach for those who enjoy surfing and snorkeling because it’s more shallow and therefore tends to have calmer waters. Also the perfect beach location for picnic fun.
  4. Ha’ena Beach Park. While this gorgeous beach offers plenty of stunning scenery, know that strong waves tend to keep swimmers and surfers away.
  5. Tunnels Beach. This beach offers visitors plenty of fun things to do, like snorkeling and diving into the deep blue waters. The lush mountain landscape view makes this a must-see beach.
  6. Ke’s Beach. This beach has a lagoon area that offers some of the absolute best sunset views. Snorkelers love visiting this beach in the summertime when the waters are calm and clear.
  7. Hideaway Beach. Like the name implies, this hidden beach offers visitors gorgeous views as well as some of the best snorkeling opportunity’s. Because the trek to get to this northern beach is long, visitors need to be in good health to visit this top-rated beach located in Norther Kauai.

Other popular beaches in Northern Kauai include:

  • Black Pot Beach Park
  • Cannons Beach
  • Hanakapiai Beach
  • Honopu Beach, aka Cathedral Beach
  • Kahalahala Beach
  • Kalalau Beach
  • Kalihiwai Beach
  • Kepuhi Beach
  • Kilauea Bay
  • Larsen’s Beach
  • Lumahai Beach
  • Pali Ke Kua Beach
  • Pila’s Beach
  • Pu’u Poa Beach
  • Queens Beach
  • Rock Quarry Beach
  • Sea Lodge Beach
  • Secret Beach
  • Turtle Cove
  • Waiakalua Beaches
  • Waikoko Beach
  • Wainiha Beach
  • Wyllie Beach

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